Writing adverts for jobs

How do I write an effective job advert?

Writing adverts for jobs

Not the job specification, but the advert for the opportunity. We recently reviewed more than job adverts for a variety of mainstream and niche roles across various industry sectors picking 3 leading job boards and selecting the top 5 results for 40 unique job titles.

We were looking for evidence that advertisers were applying the basic rules of successful advertising.

writing adverts for jobs

We were not being subjective, just looking at structure, style, content, keywords and determining whether the copy could be considered an advertisement for the opportunity or if it was more a specification of what was required.

Avoid screening It is very tempting to outline your requirements for the role when writing job adverts, but you need to remember that you are not writing job specifications. You are writing job adverts. Only desperate applicants will apply to that type of job advert.

The problem with this strategy is that it tends to result in very uninspiring job advertisements that put of the very best candidates.

Use the Essential and Desirable criteria section This section of the job advert is where your qualifying criteria goes, so use it properly. Candidates writing adverts for jobs far more likely to refer to this if they like the sound of the opportunity you are advertising.

Most candidates will be motivated by the perception that your opportunity represents a positive change for them and will need to justify the subsequent job application and interview logistics that lay head accordingly, if they progress.

Consider what the opportunities are that you can highlight in your advert: To learn something new; to develop or improve their skills, to experience something different; to join a bigger, more highly skilled team; to join a smaller team where they can become a bigger fish; to progress their career; take on more responsibility or to earn more money.

The list goes on. What the candidate will be doing at this point, is weighing up and comparing their current role against what they could be doing with you. Consider what can make the job sound more interesting and appealing; previous or current or future projects; technology and tools; clients; the people; the team; the culture or anything about the company that is worth shouting about.

If you get stuck think about how you would try and sell the role to friend in the pub. Keyword optimisation Choosing the right job title and keywords that you want to get found for is essential; especially for highly competitive jobs.

The difference between getting your job onto the first page of results and the second can be as high as ten times the number of views. Structure your job advertising copy Placing information in the right order that is not only logical to read, but also helps to focus on generating the right sort of content.

There are many other advanced tactics that you can deploy, to further refine you job adverts and to help further improve application response, but I hope that this list will get you started and on the right track, to start improving application results, both in terms of quantity and quality.

About the Author Mark Stephens has worked within the recruitment sector for nearly 20 years both in-house and agency side and more recently within the technology environment. Mark has dedicated his time since researching the online recruitment sector from a user, technology, and candidate perspective and is regularly published and quoted by leading industry publications for his research and personal opinions.17 Creative Recruitment Ads That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face.

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When it comes to recruitment, you will want to attract the best and the brightest people to serve as the foundations and. But are your job adverts preventing diverse candidates from applying?

Why has this been such a good week for jobs? it’s all about the person that you are trying to attract when writing. Writing Job Ads For Millennials Twenty years ago, writing an attractive job ad may have meant referencing things like being a Fortune organization, a “global leader with 10, employees worldwide” or a financial perk such as an employee stock purchase program when writing job ads.

Writing a good job advert is vital to attracting the right candidates for your clients’ business and as a recruiter one of the key skills to grab their attention is advert writing. ** Marketing Strat Writing Adverts Ks2 ** New Type Of Business Graphic Design Jobs Website Marketing Strat Writing Adverts Ks2 with Jobs In The News Paper and Free Recruitment Advertising Sites Sales And Marketing Cover Letter Examples.

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writing adverts for jobs
Writing Effective Job Adverts