Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the leisure centre

I moved into my property in at the time my son was in secondary school. My son lived at home whilst in college but when to university in Leeds, some odd miles away from home. Couple of years ago I fell in to arrears with council tax mainly due to illness.

Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the leisure centre

I thought you lot would be interested in the email I just sent them, I think its the greatest complaint letter ever written.

Apparently, they aim to reply within 24 hours And I've chased them up twice on it. Anyway, it's a bit of a read but you'll enjoy it I know that this 'contact us' page says please contact your local gym for all issues regarding them, but I have tried numerous times over the phone and in person to speak to the manager, but he is always 'unavailable'.

Also, I thought you might like to know about the quality of service being suffered by members at one of your recently acquired gyms. Firstly, nowadays, it is almost impossible to get through on the phones to book a court and when you do, you experience some of the things mentioned in the following paragraphs.

I mainly use my membership to book badminton courts and in March on one such occasion I booked a court for the following week. I was phoned up on the day I had booked the court for and told that I had been double booked, and my hour was being cancelled due to a computer error.

I did not get an explanation as to why it had taken a week to inform me of this double booking. In April, I again, was phoned up on the day of my booking and informed that my booking would have to be cancelled, this time because they were short staffed because of the Icelandic volcano.

Even though I had played the day before and there appeared to be no staffing problem then. In May, whoever answered the phone to take my booking, decided to put me on hold and leave me there for a couple of minutes, without telling anybody I was on hold, so when somebody finally picked up the phone again, they were unsure as to why I was there and seemed less than helpful in booking my court.

You wouldn't do it for the doctors or a hospital or something. Not only was the receptionist quite rude to me, but we found out that we had been double booked on a court that was being used for gymnastics.

And as there was no more free courts I had to leave and without an explanation or apology from the member of staff at reception. And the most recent occasion last week when I turned up for my hours badminton, I arrived on court to find there was no net set up. After much running back and forth from reception and the courts, a net was finally set up.

A full 23 minutes after I had first informed a member of staff that there was no net on the court. The duty manager was more bothered about trying to move everyone around in the sports hall to their correct courts when they were already settled into a game than getting someone to set up a net on our court.

Now, I regularly speak to other customers on the badminton courts and they all seem to agree that the booking system is not working and the majority of the staff give the impression of a similar shoddy service, having been either booked on the wrong court, there being no net, being double booked, not even booked at all, or are spoken to like we are nothing but an obstruction to the end of their shift.

Now I know you have only recently acquired Edmonton Gym under your fusion company, and that you are not responsible for the running of the gym before June. And as I mentioned earlier, I can never seem to get hold of the manager, so I am left with no choice.Essay topics: Your local council is considering closing a sport and leisure center that it runs, in order to save money, Write a letter to the local council, in your letter, Give details of how you and your friends or family use the center.

Explain the why the center is important for the local community. IELTS General Writing Task 1 with model answer. You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic.

write a letter of complaint to the manager of the leisure centre

Your local council is considering closing a sport and leisure centre that it runs, in order to save money. Sample Complaint Letters to Gym Manager or Owner. If you have access to a printer, type the letter. It is best to write it in business letter format. If you need help, read “How to Write a Business Letter.” Sample Complaint Letter to Gym About Disruptive Children.

write a letter of complaint to the manager of the leisure centre

Dear Sir/ Madam, Re: Complaint about the poor service of the fitness centre I am writing to complain about the poor service of your fitness centre in particular the snack bar, the aerobics class, and the unacceptable response of the assistant manager.

In your sights. Never address your letter to an anonymous customer services or complaints department. Get the name of someone reasonably senior - a second in command is a good place to start.

Aug 04,  · Cybermeldrew said Fusion have recently taken over the Leatherhead Leisure Centre, put in place an expensive refurbishment program, and all of a sudden we have terrible capacity problems that we never had schwenkreis.com: All Things Cretinous.

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