Usability evaluation of hong kong hotel

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Usability evaluation of hong kong hotel

Many hotel organizations have been working hard to develop their own websites. These websites play an important role for mediating between hotels and customers as places for information acquisition and transactions.

Making a profit from the Internet is a major goal of many companies nowadays. Whether or not a customer makes a purchase on a website depends greatly on the level of trust towards that particular website. A recent study revealed that the quality or usability of the interface design is a determinant Usability evaluation of hong kong hotel of establishing trust of a website Roy et al.

Loosely and intuitively defined, usability is the ease with which a software product can be used to perform its designated task by its users at a specific criterion. Another study by Souza et al. Usability problems are the main issue facing Web customers today.

Despite the fact that hotel accommodation is reputed to be one of the most suitable and one of the earliest available products for sales over the Internet, hotel website designers tend to complicate the Web experience by ignoring the novice users.

Every time a potential customer decides not to fill up a complicated reservation form, becomes disorientated by a navigational system or receives an error message that the customer cannot explain, the customer simply returns to the old method of making reservations.

Usability Evaluation of Hong Kong Hotel Websites

These unpleasant experiences result in lowering online sales, losing customers and reducing credibility of the hotel company.

According to a framework proposed by Lu and YeungUsability and Functionality are the two main elements contribute to usefulness of a website.

Hotel operators should make an utmost effort to improve the usefulness of their websites in order to generate more business transactions. While various surveys have been conducted to study the functionality of hotel websites Murphy et al. To meet the arising challenge of dearth of prior study in this particular area, this study proposes a model to evaluate the usability of hotel websites and to provide a benchmark for hotels to rectify website usability flaws and to implement improvements.

Usability evaluation of Hong Kong hotel websites - CORE

The Theoretical Background Internet Commerce in Hotel Industry Electronic commerce e-Commerce is a general concept covering any form of business transactions of information exchange executed using information and communication technologies.

It takes place between companies, between companies and their customers, or between companies and public administrations Esprit, According to Whiteleye-Commerce can be classified into three categories by its application type: Internet commerce is typified by the commercial use of the Internet and it is the advent of the Internet that popularises the e-Commerce.

Owing to the introduction of user-friendly browsers, Web applications have been increasing in an exponential fashion and have become the driving force behind the expansion of the Internet user base. Many businesses take the Internet as a new channel for information exchange and making business transactions.

As stated in a recent publication of World Tourism Organizationthe Internet is revolutionising the distribution of tourism information and sales. Not only does it provide tourism destinations and business with direct access to end consumers, but also it is becoming the primary channel for business-to-business communication.

With the increasing importance of Internet commerce, hundreds of hotel organizations have established themselves on the Internet with their own websites.

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Setting up a website is affordable as costs are relatively low. Once established, the website allows a hotel to conduct a more targeted business with a potential audience worldwide.

It enables anyone with an Internet connection to access the information, irrespective of geographical location, time zone, or computer system.

Usability evaluation of hong kong hotel

The website enables the hotel product more accessible to the new global marketplace. There is no question about the commercial importance of the Internet to the hotel industry, however, the real challenge of Internet commerce in hotel industry lies in using the technology in a way which ultimately makes business sense Gilbert et al.

Trust in Internet Commerce A hotel website clearly is not only a place for displacing information about its products and services.

Law and Leung argued that websites should have a commercial value in terms of profitability. The behavioral model is shown in Figure 1.Professor Kenneth Grattan FREng, Royal Academy of Engineering - George Daniels Professor of Scientific Instrumentation, is an academic at the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering of City, University of London.

The research evaluated the Web sites of all members of the Hong Kong Hotels Association. The concept of ‘distributed excellence’ is a promising model for European higher education. The Annual Car HMI Europe is a well-established international knowledge exchange platform bringing together all stakeholders playing an active role in the technical and design field for automotive HMI and UX development.

A modified heuristic evaluation technique was used to investigate the usability of the web sites of 77 hotels in Hong Kong. Results showed that the average usability performance of all hotels in Hong Kong is points out of (the lower the better).

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