The influence of fashion on people

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The influence of fashion on people

Both Bess and her father were renowned for their ostentation in dress. At one point her nurse wrote a letter to the king, pleading that the small girl be give enough clothes that she need not run about in rags and beseeching you to be [a] good lord to my lady All this her grace must have. I have driven off as long as I can, that be my troth I can drive it no longer.

Beseeching you my lord that ye will see that her grace may have that [which] is needful for her. Her wardrobe was used for political ends as well.

Rich gowns impress people; this is an obvious fact. The rich fabrics and jewels conveyed incredible wealth, power and prestige.

The influence of fashion on people

People referred to Queen Bess as a goddess, as queen of heaven, and she certainly dressed the part. Behind this facade of staggeringly expensive splendor, however, was the reality of limited funds, carefully budgeted expenditures, and a canny use of resources and materials.

In fact, these accounts are one of the main sources of information about costume of the time. Once a gown or item of clothing The influence of fashion on people made, it was often altered to accomodate changing fashions and tastes.

Sleeves were replaced with other sleeves, panels were added and removed from skirts, worn garments were picked apart and their fabric used for other wardrobe items, and trim and embroidery recycled from one gown to the next. In addition, the queen often paid ladies in waiting, valets, and others in her service with gowns, foreparts, and other pieces of clothing from the Royal Wardrobe.

There were dozens of stomachers, foreparts and sleeves given every year, often lavishly embroidered and breathtakingly decorated. She was so delighted with them that she immediately commissioned more to be made for her, and soon many courtiers of her court were beggaring themselves to afford the terribly fashionable, and terribly expensive, silk hose that the Queen was so fond of.

She was exceedingly interested in the fashions of other lands as well. As one visiting emmisary related: One day she had the English Weed, another the French, and another the Italian and so forth.

She asked me which of them became her best? I answered, in my judgement the Italian dress, which answer I found pleased her well, for she delighted to shew her golden coloured hair She had patterns and sample bodices sent abroad so that the French, Italians, and even Germans might make gowns to her size.

She even imported tailors from abroad. Elizabeth even managed to use foreign fashions for her own political ends. Apparantly, it met with a favourable response: Naturally, what the Queen wore greatly influenced those close to her.

Her ladies in waiting wore her old dresses; other women strove to imitate the style of the Queen and her ladies. New fashions filtered gradually down from court to society in general, rather like ripples in a pond, where they often assumed a simpler and more practical aspect than the gowns worn by the Queen and her companions.

It was rather similar to the process by which a gown modeled on a Parisian runway eventually shows up a few months later, more practically designed and less outrageously priced, at the local department store.

And the poorer the person, the less likely they were to keep their wardrobe up to date. For example, below are a funeral brass and a portrait created in the same year, The left was a representation of a lady of lesser nobility, the right one of cutting-edge fashion. The opulence of her wardrobe began to have an effect on male garments as well.Essay about Chanel's Influence On Fashion - Chanel’s Influence on Fashion Coco Chanel was one of the most influential fashion designers of the Twentieth Century and she was the first significant female fashion designer.

The fashion world was impacted by Chanel’s phoenix like return to fashion after her retirement in This is the idea that people follow the lead of credible, knowledgeable experts. Physiotherapists, for example, are able to persuade more of their patients to comply with recommended exercise programs if they display their medical diplomas on the walls of their consulting rooms.

Though there can be no doubt that the circumstances of Elizabeth's youth and her mother's death had a great influence upon her future political and personal decisions, the Queen's ostentation in dress was not due simply to vanity and a craving for rich dresses to make .

Some of them have set such an example that you can see their influence both in fashion designs and the manner in which the industry puts clothing on display.

Search Skwirk Through these images that are posted on blogs, websites and across our television screens to the consumer. So, where fashion was once a true driver of the world of interiors, the two are now working together.
Queen Elizabeth's Influence on Elizabethan Fashion By Wayne Jackson Influence is a powerful thing. Every person both influences and is influenced by others in varying degrees.
Could social media be the real influencer here? Both Bess and her father were renowned for their ostentation in dress.
Venetia Scott Depending on who you ask, this was because of any number of reasons. Sometimes she enjoys the distinction of being the last true pharaoh of Egypt.

It does leave the question as to whether Cleopatra herself can be said to be the influence in that case. After , people morned- and in some way fashion reflected that for a short while. More impacting, was the economic stir up, which left a good portion of the world in debt.

Clothing simplified here, to cut costs and accomadate the lack of money. s Photos - Fashion History. Here are some family photographs from the s beginning with a carnival in South Wales, UK that was held to celebrate the Festival of Britain in The photos are of real everyday people, but in situations where they have tried to be groomed such as Whitsunday and a school children class of

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