The evaluation of mutual fund perfromance

Simple math shows us that the fund made an average return of 3.

The evaluation of mutual fund perfromance

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has a Fund Analyzer that tracks over 18, mutual funds and related investments like exchange-traded funds.

GIven the options, choosing a fund to invest in can be overwhelming. The first step in evaluating mutual funds, though, is to figure out what you want. That way, you can weigh similar funds against each other and start to make sense of the options.

Historical Returns One of the most powerful evaluation tools for a mutual fund is its record -- how it's performed in the past.

By itself, the metric might not mean a lot, but when you compare it to its benchmark -- a particular index -- you can see just how good the fund is. When a mutual fund does better than a comparable market index, like comparing a small-cap fund to the Russellit's a good sign.

When it has a history of outperforming competing funds, it's an even better sign. Sharpe Ratio Some say investing is about trading risk for profit. If it is, it makes sense to compare a given investment's risk level to its profit.

The evaluation of mutual fund perfromance

The Sharpe ratio does this. To calculate the Sharpe ratio for a particular fund, subtract the return of a riskless investment -- three-month Treasury bills are a popular choice -- from the fund's annual return.

Divide that amount by its volatility, which should be available from the fund's issuer. For instance, if a fund with a 15 percent volatility returns 10 percent per year, and three-month treasuries pay 1 percent, you'd divide 9 by 15 to find a Sharpe ratio of 0.

You can then compare that fund's Sharpe ratio to those of other funds to see which one has the highest ratio.

The evaluation of mutual fund perfromance

The higher the number, the better your return is relative to your risk. Third-Party Ratings You can also use information from third parties to break down your mutual fund choices. Your broker may be recommending funds to you based on their sales charges, so an unbiased third party can be helpful.

Companies like Morningstar, Lipper and Zacks all have mutual fund ratings that typically express a fund's relative performance in a simple number of stars or other similar rating. Some media sources also publish mutual fund rankings you can use to identify funds that are worthy of a closer look.

Comparison Tools One of the most powerful evaluation tools available to you is a comparison site. These sites let you select a small group of funds and look at their characteristics right next to each other. You can see how each fund compares to others on metrics like expense ratios, returns and Morningstar ratings and decide which one looks best to you.It is with this fact in mind that present study attempts to analyse the growth and performance of Equity and Hybrid Schemes of 10 Mutual funds from to It also studies the perception of mutual fund investors in Punjab with the help of a pre-tested questionnaire.

Product/Fund Performance & Regulatory Documents. Get monthly/quarterly performance, fact sheets, summary prospectuses, prospectuses, and annual/semiannual reports. Evaluating Mutual Fund Performance S. P. KOTHARI and JEROLD B.

Mutual Fund Performance - How to Evaluate & Track MF Performance ? You are at Home Performance evaluation of mutual funds in India Performance evaluation of mutual funds in India Jun 14, 0 admin Performance evaluation is an important aspect of secure portfolio management for investment in mutual funds. Mutual funds are exposed to market fluctuations and different schemes provide variable exposure.
Lifepoints Funds - Class S Among various investment alternatives, mutual funds have emerged as an important investment option among the investors.

WARNER* ABSTRACT We study standard mutual fund performance measures, using simulated funds sions are not meaningful for mutual fund performance evaluation, in part because they apply only over observation periods of several decades.

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To evaluate the performance of selected open ended equity diversified Mutual fund in India To measure the risk -return relationship and market volatility of the selected mutual funds To analyze the risk adjusted performance the selective open ended equity diversified mutual fund through various.

Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation: A Comparison of Benchmarks and Benchmark Comparisons Bruce N. Lehmann, David M. Modest. NBER Working Paper No. (Also Reprint No. r) Issued in October NBER Program(s):Monetary Economics.

Performance evaluation of sectorial mutual funds in India of mutual funds. The study aimed to examine the degree of correlation that exists between fund to market returns, to.

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