Reflective writing activity sheets

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Reflective writing activity sheets

Share via Email It has helped groups as diverse as Vietnam veterans, psychiatric prisoners and sex offenders to deal with personal trauma. It has helped ease the symptoms in specific illnesses, such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

It has been shown to boost the immune system and in one study even helped unemployed Texans find new jobs. Most recently, it helped US students to come to terms with 11 September. There are no side-effects and it is available to anyone of any age, pretty much anywhere, over the counter.

If it were a drug, this versatile little treatment would surely have a public profile to match Viagra. Indeed, the lack of a pharmaceutical company to promote it is perhaps part of the reason why its benefits are so little known.

It's cheaper than any drug - the cost of a pen and paper. Because the miracle treatment is simply what Reflective writing activity sheets am doing right now: Until now, most research into the therapeutic benefits of putting words on to the page has been carried out in the US, much of it at the University of Texas.

But now the Arts Council of England is to fund a project at King's College, London, which researcher Gillie Bolton hopes will give greater prominence to therapeutic writing. Not that she herself needs to read any research to be convinced of its benefits.

My husband suggested that I write my autobiography. I did, conjuring up a lovely, glorious story. Then I came up with something far more chaotic but closer to the truth. Then I refined it again, this time into poetry. I came to understand what had happened to me only through doing this. Paper's always there to reread or rewrite.

Once you've said something you can't unsay it, but with a page of writing you can. You don't ever have to share it. You can burn it if you want. Bolton is now a research fellow in medical humanities at the University of Sheffield using therapeutic writing in reflective practice seminars with medical and health professionals.

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I sometimes ask doctors to write in the voice of a patient. They find this illuminating. The value of doing this is hard to overstate, from their future patients' point of view and their own.

They can then share what they've written or not.

reflective writing activity sheets

Writing lets you choose your words, so it works well with people who are less able to verbalise their feelings or who are sceptical about talk therapy. It's more concrete than just talking, and you can do it on your own, anywhere. I've called on my therapist at 3am, on my wedding day, on a cold and lonely Christmas, on a Bora Bora beach, and in the dentist's reception room.

I can tell this therapist absolutely anything. And I can scream, whimper, thrash, rage, exult, foam, celebrate. I can be funny, snide, introspective, accusatory, sarcastic, helpless, brilliant, sentimental, profound, caustic, inspirational, opinionated or vulgar.

reflective writing activity sheets

My therapist accepts all of this without comment, judgment, or reprisal. Although there is a gulf of difference between the two, therapeutic writing can also unlock creative writing. Whitbread and Orange prize-shortlisted novelist Jill Dawson has kept a journal since she was nine. A dream you don't understand may make sense two years later.

Obviously, it undergoes radical transformation before it becomes writing that you would want published, but it is a part of the process. You can find feelings by writing in this raw way that you can then explore using different events in a story.

They were the children he'd previously disowned. He decided to see them and told me afterwards how happy he was that he'd done so. He was clearly suffering a lot less. There was genuine symptom reduction. You don't need to be literate at all - you can do something similar with a tape recorder.Reflection, a key component of many writing classes, is vital to the success of a service-learning course.

Reflection is a process of examining and interpreting experience to gain new understanding. Deep and Hard Reflection – Being a tough old bird means a lot of different things from different perspectives.

Earthquakes, Athletes, and Divorce – All tough topics for this level. My First Dog – My first dog was a little black and white thing that weighed about 20 pounds.

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Want to build a great plate? Use these clever activity sheets to find ideas and tips! A worksheet with simple questions on lines of reflections. Answers are included and ideal for KS3 / GCSE. Practical Steps & Strategies to Engage Students in Critical Reflective Thinking Samples of Reflective Prompts & Question Stems for Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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