Reflection of humanities

Honors students benefit from small seminars, individual faculty attention, peer support, and the chance to pursue independent research.

Reflection of humanities

Nicole Hart Humanities Semester Reflection This semester was a good fresh start for the New Year, it became a stressful rollercoaster at times but I managed to get through it all with a smile on my face. The change of switching teachers broke my heart after the first semester, I became so attached to Liz and Andrew but this change was for the better.

It was terrifying for me that I got switched classes from all of my friends, but moving away from most of them kept me focused and on task.

Both Dan and Julio are kind, loving, and wonderful teachers, and I am sad that our sophomore year is coming to an Reflection of humanities. On the first day of our semester I could not wait to get started, I always wanted to learn Spanish and I love to write. These two classes were absolutely the perfect match for me, Spanish and Humanities.

It was the afternoon of the first day of the semester. As he passed out the syllabus and I got super excited to do all of these projects. The first project that caught my eye was the Character Sketch; right away there were so many ideas that popped into my head of who I could write about.

I got in my creative mode and I starting thinking of a time, something that was very important to Justin Bieber, then I thought of him getting ready for a concert, I thought about what might go through his head, etc. I love creative writing, it makes me feel free and I can write about anything without doing research.

As for my visual, I spent most of the time learning how to use Photoshop than actually putting in my effort to create the piece. Learning about Psychology was scary at first; I thought I had to memorize everything such as the parts of the brain and it seemed like a different language just by the name of it.

It turns out that I love psychology. I enjoyed the experiment part; I studied false memories for half of the Psycarnival. Now I can enjoy tricking people with my experiment which everyone fell for at the Psycarnival!

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One of the projects that I enjoyed, but got on my nerves the most was the City of Glass book. When I found out that we had to come up with theories after reading a book that was insanely confusing and frustrating, and then present it at a conference in front of a bunch of people I kind of lost it.

I kept on asking a bunch of people what they thought of the book and what exactly was going on because I was so lost. I even had to read each chapter over and over again until I finally understood it. Analyzing the pages made it even better for me to keep track of everything that was going on.

Let me tell you that ending of the book made me so frustrated and seriously who ends a book like that enough said! As for my theory, I did not have a theory! I could not come up with one at all, so I stuck with a theme.Reflecting on learning is one of the best ways to consolidate skills and knowledge that a student has acquired.

In this lesson, you will learn what makes a good reflection question, and you will. In the humanities, we, students are exposed to these, thus, the development of the whole person, which is the goal of humanities. The humanities are the stories, the ideas, and the words that help us make sense of our lives and our world.

Humanities mainly concentrate on the human-oriented questions. Human values, beliefs and emotions are areas related to humanities. According to Terrence, a human being is a man and, therefore, nothing human is alien to him. Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.

Barbara De Angelis There are three principal means of acquiring knowledge observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation.

Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the result of that combination.

Reflection of humanities

Humanities Through the Arts Essay #1 Giotta, Madonna Enthroned (1st. Painting) Francisco Goya: May 3, in the Padro, Madrid I found the Giotta, Madonna Enthroned painting to be the most interesting because the power and love the painting displays.

The personal values in this parti. Reflection Paper A Reflection On The Movie “The Sound Of Music” Directed By Robert Wise By: Wan Anisabanum Salleh Introduction Universal Relevance of the Movie The movie was chosen as the subject of reflection because the writer feels that the movie offers plenty of opportunity for reflection on the human character.

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