Pure water business plan pdf

Without adequate clean water one suffers dehydration and eventual death.

Pure water business plan pdf

Garri which is gotten from Cassava is one of the most sort after food in Nigeria, about 90 per cent of Nigerians consume garri on a daily basis both by the rich and poor and this makes the demand for the product to constantly be on the high side.

Nigeria produces the highest tonnes of cassava in the world, this crop staple can be planted and produced in any part of the country because of its high level of adaptation.

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Cassava farming in Nigeria has become one of the most profitable farming in the country because as the population increases the need for garri also increases. Owners of cassava farm are smiling to the bank every now and then because according to FAOSTAT, cassava is the third most consumed crop in the country.

Cassava production is not really expensive to go into but commercializing it would demand a whole lot than just setting up the farm because this would include your packaging and marketing strategy. One interesting thing about cassava is that all the parts are important, the stems of cassava can be replanted to produce more cassava, the root is the cassava itself, the leaves can be feed to livestocks.

It is very important that you get our Cassava Production Business Plan because to venture into a business this profitable you need guidance and direction, where to look and what to expect, our feasibility study business plans are written by experts in this fields so you can make the right investment.

Cassava is best grown in area with thick vegetation and with humus soil which has the capacity to retain water, cassava grown in this area increases the quality of the produce.

pure water business plan pdf

However in the case where the land is not rich, it can be developed to suit the production of cassava this can be done by application of manure. There are equipment and machinery that can help you to do all of this in matter of few hours in cassava processing. This modern equipment has helped a great deal in cassava production, making the job much easier than it use to be, investing in cassava processing equipment is is capital intensive but at the long run you would be happy that you did.

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Dewatering Rack with mechanical press. Stainless steel granulator with 7. Stainless steel garri roasting pot with 2HP electric motor, fibreglass insulation, exhaust pipes and stainless steel paddles.It's possible to get into the bottled water sales business now with a limited startup investment and grow the business from the profits that are earned until the business can be expanded to the.

The bottled water business is a business that is going to be in demand for many of hundreds of years to come. To have a profitable water bottling company, you must do your research and write a business plan to make sure the business will be successful.

Water Dispenser. We offer you wide range of Hot&Cold Water Dispensers, Table Top Water Dispensers and variety of Dispensing accessories.

pure water business plan pdf

We also provide maintenance and sanitization for our Water Dispensers through our trained staff. Business opportunities and win-win projects 27 4. Future Directions for Assessing and Managing Water-related Risks 29 Assessment of water footprints 29 Risk indicators and diagnostic tools 30 6 Financing water: risks and opportunities 2.

Financial Institutions, Products and . major operations in water storage and treatment unit include water colour removal, raw water pumping and storage, chemicals dosage, filtration using different types of filters, ultraviolet water disinfection or ozone generation with recirculation system.

Cassava & Garri Production / Processing Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study. Cassava is a very important crop not only in Nigeria but in Africa at large, it is affordable for both the rich and the poor when compared to other staple foods.

Pure Water/Bottled & Sachet Water Business Plan In Nigeria PDF