Nietzsche morality as anti nature essay

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Nietzsche morality as anti nature essay

Translations by Walter Kaufmann and R. Formerly, in view of the element of stupidity in passion, war was declared on passion itself, its destruction was plotted; all the old moral monsters are agreed on this: The most famous formula for this is to be found in the New Testament, in that Sermon on the Mount, where, incidentally, things are by no means looked at from a height.

There it is said, for example, with particular reference to sexuality: Destroying the passions and cravings, merely as a preventive measure against their stupidity and the unpleasant consequences of this stupidity — today this itself strikes us as merely another acute form of stupidity.

The church fights passion with excision in every sense: But an attack on the roots of passion means an attack on the roots of life: The same means in the fight against a craving — castration, extirpation — is instinctively chosen by those who are too weak-willed, too degenerate, to be able to impose moderation on themselves; by those who are so constituted that they require La Trappe, to use a figure of speech, or without any figure of speech some kind of definitive declaration of hostility, a cleft between themselves and the passion.

Radical means are indispensable only for the degenerate; the weakness of the will — or, to speak more definitely, the inability not to respond to a stimulus — is itself merely another form of degeneration.

Nietzsche morality as anti nature essay

The radical hostility, the deadly hostility against sensuality, is always a symptom to reflect on: The spiritualisation of sensuality is called love: Another triumph is our spiritualisation of hostility. It consists in a profound appreciation of the value of having enemies: The church always wanted the destruction of its enemies; we, we immoralists and Antichristians, find our advantage in this, that the church exists.

In the political realm too, hostility has now become more spiritual — much more sensible, much more thoughtful, much more considerate. Almost every party understands how it is in the interest of its own self-preservation that the opposition should not lose all strength; the same is true of power politics.

A new creation in particular — the new Reich, for example — needs enemies more than friends: The price of fruitfulness is to be rich in internal opposition; one remains young only as long as the soul does not stretch itself and desire peace.

One has renounced the great life when one renounces war.

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Without further ado or prejudice, a few examples. Or the beginning of weariness, the first shadow of evening, of any kind of evening. Or a sign that the air is humid, that south winds are approaching. Or the attainment of calm by a convalescent who feels a new relish in all things and waits.

Or the state which follows a thorough satisfaction of our dominant passion, the well-being of a rare repletion.

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Or the senile weakness of our will, our cravings, our vices. Or laziness, persuaded by vanity to give itself moral airs. Or the emergence of certainty, even a dreadful certainty, after long tension and torture by uncertainty.Nov 27,  · Best Answer: That is a particularly good section to get to the core of some of Nietzsche's common themes.

His arguments go roughly like this: All living things are given desires by nature.

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These desires exist as part of who we are. They define us in a way; Status: Resolved. The kite runner essay on betrayal anti hazing law essay writer ingroups and outgroups essay about myself, gesetzgebung in der eu beispiel essay, craftivism essay writer, arithmometer descriptive essay pga master status essays eng3u essay unit, wku admissions essay writing personalentwicklung beispiel essay the last hero mickey mantle essay Nietzsche Morality As Anti Nature Twilight Of The Idols Summary Abraham Jimenez Professor Sean P.

Ireland English 27 March The name of Nietzsche occupies one of the leading places among the greatest philosophers till nowadays His influences can be traced in postmodernism and © CommonLit.

Nietzsche morality as anti nature essay

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