Marco polo essay conclusion

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Marco polo essay conclusion

Marco Polo Italian merchant and traveller. A Venetian merchant, Polo was among the first travellers to the East to provide an account of that region in a Western language.

His narrative, The Travels of Marco Polomet with skepticism and disbelief upon its circulation, as the region had only previously been written about in legends such as those of Alexander the Great, and by William of Rubrouck, a French Franciscan friar who wrote a missionary's account of his trip to Mongolia upon his return to France in Many of Polo's previously unsubstantiated observations and claims were, however, confirmed by later travellers and his work is now regarded by most scholars as the first accurate description of Asia by a European.

Biographical Information Polo was born in Venice in while his father Nicolo and his uncle Maffeo were away on a trading voyage during which they first met Kublai Khan, the Emperor of Mongolia; they did not return to Italy until Polo was about fifteen years old.

Marco polo essay conclusion

The elder Polos had been instructed by the Khan to solicit the Pope for Christian missionaries to be escorted back to the Emperor's court. The Polos were forced to wait until for a new pope, Gregory X, to be elected due to the failure of the cardinals to name a successor to Pope Clement IV following his death in Polo, now about seventeen years old, accompanied his father and uncle to Mongolia following the trio's presentation of the Khan's request to Pope Gregory X.

After reaching the Khan's court and being employed in his service for a number of years, the Polos desired to return to Italy. The Khan was unwilling to release the merchants from his service, but complied with their request when they agreed to travel to Persia to escort a princess betrothed to the Khan's grand-nephew.

The Polos completed their mission and then began their journey home, arriving in Venice in after a twenty-four-year absence. Soon after his return, Polo was appointed to command a ship in the war between the city-states of Venice and Genoa.

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His fleet was defeated and he arrived in Genoa as a political prisoner on October 16, Polo was released from prison in July of He lived in Venice until his death at the age of seventy. Textual History While he was in prison, Polo had dictated his account of his travels to a fellow prisoner, Rustichello.

Scholars believe that Polo's original manuscript was translated, copied, and widely circulated following his release from prison in The language of the original manuscript is unknown and a topic of much debate.

InPipino made a Latin translation of Polo's Travels from a version written in an Italian dialect, implying that this dialect version was Polo's original. Giovanni Battista Ramusio, an Italian geographer whose edition of Polo's work was published in in a collection of travel accounts known as Navigationi et viaggi, believed that the original manuscript was written in Latin.

Others have maintained that Polo's work was written in French or Franco-Italian.

Nov 24,  · Marco polo personal characteristics essay Literature essay conclusion help contemporary issues in nursing essays on philosophy elon application essay corvette unr application essayKirill chudinskiy illustration essay philip larkin ambulances essay writing lossy and lossless data compression essay writing maximilian. Conclusions I believe Marco Polo went to China for 4 main reasons, fame, fortune, knowledge, and exploration. Marco probably knew that he would get lots of money if he brought back Chinesse goods. Following Marco Polo’s Silk Road is Brian and Jill Lawrenson’s personal account of their adventure-filled journey as they pursue the historical legend and mythic hero, Marco Polo.

Another source of contention among critics regards the role played by Rustichello in the writing of Travels. Some critics argue that Rustichello copied a draft already completed by Polo, or transcribed the work as Polo dictated it. Others believe that Rustichello served as a collaborator and editor, rewording Polo's phrasing and adding commentary of his own.

The manuscript regarded by many critics as the most complete is a French version known as fir. Some critics have contended that fr. Penzer have argued that it does not represent a direct copy of Polo's work, asserting that another manuscript referred to by Polian scholars as Z may antedate fr.

Travels was first translated into English by John Frampton in In the nineteenth century, scholars such as William Marsden, Henry Yule, and Luigi Benedetto began to publish revisions of the work that utilized information from several manuscripts to produce a more comprehensive edition of Travels.

Marco polo essay conclusion

Since the original manuscript of Travels has never been recovered, the search for the version most directly descended from it continues.The infuriating Voynich Manuscript (A.K.A.

“Beinecke MS ”, or “the VMs”) contains about pages of curious drawings, incomprehensible diagrams and undecipherable handwriting from five centuries ago. Whether a work of cipher genius or loopy madness, it is hard to deny it is one of those rare cases where the truth is many times stranger .

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The Life and Accomplishments of Marco Polo Essay - One of the world’s greatest explorers was Marco Polo. Known for his travels to China, the book he wrote about his expeditions, The Travels of Marco Polo, and his sharing of Asian spices, marked him as a great influence in the 13th century and beyond.

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