Land law mortgages essay writer

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Land law mortgages essay writer

The Land Registration Act Essay: The Land Registration Act The work involved in investigating an unregistered title is far greater than that involved with a registered title. Ownership of unregistered land is evidenced by deeds, mostly conveyances.

The Seller shows to the Buyer a period of unchallenged ownership, and there is substantial reliance on the integrity of the title deeds.

If any are lost, damaged or even forged, serious problems arise for the Seller in proving title. However, it is possible that deeds prior to the root of title produced may contain relevant information that the Buyer will not see. It is also likely that the title will be unique to the property, revealing an individual set of problems and circumstances.

When these have been dealt with, and the matter has been completed, first registration is necessary and this is a tedious job of scheduling deeds in date order and accounting for discrepancies.

The system prior to the land law legislation was riddled with difficulties that caused even further problems to purchasers of land. A purchaser of land including a mortgagee could take the land subject to any legal interest that might exist and without a formal register, this meant looking through the deeds provided and inspecting the property in the hope of discovering it.

A purchaser had actual notice if they knew of the interest, or constructive notice if he would have discovered it, had they made reasonable enquiries.

Imputed notice arose where an agent for the purchaser had actual or constructive notice. This doctrine of notice created a minefield for potential buyers of a property, who were expected to make detailed enquiries or would risk taking subject to any interests that existed.

Aftera new system was introduced to protect interests in both registered and unregistered land. In unregistered land, third party rights could now be registered as land charges. The land charges are registered against the name of the estate owner.

If not registered, a land charge may be void and not therefore binding on a purchaser [s. The system of registered land is simpler and cheaper in many respects. Ownership of the land or interest is evidenced by the register held by the Land Registry. If anything is wrong with the title, a purchaser has a redress in the form of compensation from public funding.

Registered land changes ownership by means of transfer rather than conveyance. Once the transaction is complete, the transfer must be registered with HM Land Registry after paying stamp duty if applicable within two months. On completion, the buyer acquires an equitable interest in the land, but does not acquire the legal interest until the title is registered.

An advantage of registered land is that almost all binding interests of third parties appear on the register, as notices or cautions. The exception to the idealistic system of registration are the third party rights contained at s.

land law mortgages essay writer

These are overriding interests and a purchaser takes subject to them, even though they are not registrable. Where the new system of land registration protected the purchaser from the hazardous doctrine of notice, Section 70 1 added a pitfall.statistics help for dissertation ks2 I have to write a page essay on "what is art?" Like lol I can't even write a 5 paragraph essay about myself land law mortgages essay writer.

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