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The Alhambra is a fortress enclosed by a wall, containing palaces, houses, streets, and towers of various sizes and unctions. It is a city unique in its design, chronology, and present condition. The Alhambra, the palace complex of the Nasrid dynasty in Granada, can perhaps be considered as one of the most famous examples of Islamic art overall, but is certainly the culmination and grand finale of medieval Islamic culture on the Iberian Peninsula.

Granada ppt

Other Uses Steeped in history and romance and almost in a class by itself, the pomegranate, Punica granatum L. Despite its ancient background, the pomegranate has acquired only a relatively few commonly recognized vernacular names apart from its many regional epithets in India, most of which are variations on the Sanskrit dadima or dalim, and the Persian dulim or dulima.

By the French it is called grenade; by the Spanish, granada the fruitgranado the plant ; by the Dutch, granaatappel, and Germans, granatapfel; by the Italians, melogranato, melograno granato, pomo granato, or pomo punico.

In Indonesia, it is gangsalan; in Thailand, tab tim; and in Malaya, delima.

Granada Tile: Sensational Cement Tiles. Cement tiles – also known as encaustic tiles - are quickly becoming a trendy design option for home and business owners of all kinds, tastes, and budgets. However modern they may seem, cement tile has been used in homes and shops since the end of . Ppt Exploring Tourism Spain Travel Agency Tour Operator -> Source Granada Spain And -> Source Granada tourist offices the city of andalucia southern spain official tourist information website for granada city official tourist information website for granada city tourist information points in granada . Author: Kathrin Hofbauer Created Date: 07/11/ Title: PowerPoint-Präsentation Last modified by: Kathrin Hofbauer.

Brazilians know it as roma, romeira or romazeira. The Quecchi Indian name in Guatemala is granad. The Samoan name is limoni.

The generic term, Punica, was the Roman name for Carthage from whence the best pomegranates came to Italy.

Granada ppt

It has a strong tendency to sucker from the base. Showy flowers are home on the branch tips singly or as many as 5 in a cluster. The interior is separated by membranous walls and white spongy Granada ppt rag into Granada ppt packed with transparent sacs filled with tart, flavorful, fleshy, juicy, red, pink or whitish pulp technically the aril.

In each sac, there is one white or red, angular, soft or hard seed. Origin and Distribution The pomegranate tree is native from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and has been cultivated since ancient times throughout the Mediterranean region of Asia, Africa and Europe.

The fruit was used in many ways as it is today and was featured in Egyptian mythology and art, praised in the Old Testament of the Bible and in the Babylonian Talmud, and it was carried by desert caravans for the sake of its thirst-quenching juice.

It traveled to central and southern India from Iran about the first century A. It has been widely cultivated throughout India and drier parts of southeast Asia, Malaya, the East Indies and tropical Africa.

There are some commercial orchards in Israel on the coastal plain and in the Jordan Valley. It is rather commonly planted and has become naturalized in Bermuda where it was first recorded inbut only occasionally seen in the Bahamas, West Indies and warm areas of South and Central America.

Many people grow it at cool altitudes in the interior of Honduras. In Mexico it is frequently planted, and it is sometimes found in gardens in Hawaii.

The tree was introduced in California by Spanish settlers in It is grown for its fruit mostly in the dry zones of that state and Arizona. In California, commercial pomegranate cultivation is concentrated in Tulare, Fresno and Kern counties, with small plantings in Imperial and Riverside counties.

There were 2, acres ha of hearing trees in these areas in the 's. Production declined from lack of demand in the 's but new plantings were made when demand increased in the 's. Cultivars There is little information available on the types grown in the Near East, except that the cultivars 'Ahmar', 'Aswad', 'Halwa' are important in Iraq, and 'Mangulati' in Saudi Arabia.

In India there are several named cultivars. Preference is usually given those with fleshy, juicy pulp around the seeds. Types with relatively soft seeds are often classed as "seedless". Among the best are 'Bedana' and 'Kandhari'.

The plant is evergreen, non-suckering, desirable for commercial purposes in Delhi.The history of Granada in southern Spain from the year invasion of the Moors of the city to their overthrowing by the Catholic Kings in There are still examples of Moorish influence all over the city.

Use this clip in a discussion about the history of the invasion of the Moors and later being expelled from the city of Granada. Ppt Exploring Tourism Spain Travel Agency Tour Operator -> Source Granada Spain And -> Source Granada tourist offices the city of andalucia southern spain official tourist information website for granada city official tourist information website for granada city tourist information points in granada .

El argentino afincado en España y séptimo del ranking mundial PPT, Miguel Lamperti, aterrizó en Granada a primera hora de la tarde apadrinando el Clinic Infantil Puleva y deleitando a los niños asistentes en el partido exhibición junto a Jordi Muñoz y los dos jovencísimos jugadores Alex y Pedro.

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Huge industry discounts for eligible airline employees. The Alhambra in Granada, Spain, is distinct among Medieval palaces for its sophisticated planning, complex decorative programs, and its many enchanting gardens and fountains.

Granada ppt

Its intimate spaces are built at a human scale that visitors find elegant and inviting.

The Alhambra - Granada, Spain - Great Buildings Architecture