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Frankenstein extension

Professor Canavero and his collaborators discussed trials to Frankenstein extension whether it is possible to reconnect the spinal cord of a head to another body with tests that will stimulate the nervous system in fresh human corpses with electrical pulses.

In an article for the Surgical Neurology International, Dr Canavero and his colleague in South Korea and China drew parallels to the infamous story of Frankenstein, where electricity is used to reanimate the fictional monster. He pointed to experiments conducted in the s using the corpses of criminals who had been hung as proof such tests could be successful.

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I hope this is not just egotistical pseudoscience. In May, scientists carried out a head transplant on a rat in a practise run for controversial human experiment.

I would not allow anyone to do it to me as there are a lot of things worse than death. Mr Spiridonov, 31, now accepts his hopes of his head being grafted onto a new healthy body are over.

It is likely the first transplant will be carried out on someone from China, and a large number of volunteers are already claimed to have come forward. In preparation, scientists attached the head of a rat onto the body of another in May.

Frankenstein extension

In the study, researchers from Harbin Medical University in China and Professor Canavero built upon earlier head-grafting experiments to figure out how to avoid damage to the brain tissue during the operation, as well as long-term immune rejection.

The researchers used three rats for each operation: But, long-term survival of the specimens was not a priority.

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To maintain blood flow to the donor brain, they connected the blood vessels from that rat to veins of the third rat using a silicon tube, which was then passed through a peristaltic pump.

According to the team, there was no injury to the donor brain tissue as a result of blood loss in the experiment. And, after the surgery, the donor head was still able to blink and feel pain.

The two-headed creatures lived 36 hours on average following the procedure, Business Insider reported. Still, with the addition of the peristaltic pump and vascular grafting to the technique, the researchers say long-term survival could be a possibility.DINNER THEATER, MUSICAL REVUE & CONCERT SERIES.

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Canavero: World's 1st human head transplant carried out World's first human HEAD transplant is 'successfully' carried out on a corpse (now all he needs to do is try it on a live person). Frankenstein: Frankenstein,, the title character in Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, the prototypical “mad scientist” who creates a monster by which he is eventually killed.

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Frankenstein extension

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