Dream deferred essay contest civil rights middle east amount $2000

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Dream deferred essay contest civil rights middle east amount $2000

Civil Rights in the Middle East Hello Dear readers I received an invitation from the American Islamic congress, to share in an interesting contest. This essay contest takes its title from a poem by Langston Hughes: What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

The poem helped propel the civil rights movement in the United States. To participate, all you have to do is write a brief essaywords addressing one of the questions below.

Dream deferred essay contest civil rights middle east amount $2000

Answer one of the following essay questions: If you live the Middle East If you live in America Why are individual rights important? Explore this question through the impact of repression in your society and in your own life. Describe a personal experience when restrictions prevented you from expressing yourself - for example, when you were afraid to speak out, when information you needed was censored, or when your identity made you a target for discrimination.

Consider how civil rights restrictions block a society's creative development, an idea expressed by an 18th Century British reformer: Why should Americans help civil rights reformers in the Middle East? Consider the role outsiders played in the South during the American civil rights movement.

Reflect on the challenges faced by today's Middle East reformers, as expressed by a blogger from Bahrain: If you dissent - and there are many who do - then the wrath of terror is visited upon you and your family.

That means no income, no business, no education, no job, and no life. It is a very brave man or woman indeed who bucks the trend. How are non-violent campaigns for civil rights making Middle Eastern societies more open?

Despite widespread repression, there are new opportunities for expressing yourself and challenging abuses. Analyze the significance of recent peaceful protests in Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, and beyond. Explain how grassroots movements are making an impact in your society and consider what the next big campaigns might be.

Share your own creative ideas for civil rights programs, using new technology and help from concerned Americans. How can you as an individual support the struggle for civil rights in the Middle East? Without waiting for the government to act, consider how you can leverage your freedom to challenge repression by dictators.

Reflect on recent technological advances that empower individuals, as well as recent grassroots organizing by people your age across the Middle East. Consider the tools you have access to that American civil rights activists in the s did not. Propose a specific campaign young Americans could lead to help defend civil rights in the Middle East.

What is your "dream deferred" - a vision of your society with civil rights for all people?Residents Upset Over Public Squabbling Amongst Board. By Amy Sylvestri. CASTRO VALLEY FORUM The Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council had a full agenda for their Monday night meeting, but it was the normally quiet public comment period that was the most interesting portion of the evening.

The Dream Deferred essay contest has two parts: one for Middle Eastern youth (25 and younger) and one for American youth (25 and younger). To participate, all you have to do is write a brief essay (, words) addressing one of the questions below. As marlaine lockheed and verspoor, world bank. At the same exam question and finally introductory, transitional, and concluding paragraphs and.


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Dream deferred essay contest civil rights middle east amount $2000

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