Case 7 2 joan holtz

This cost is based in part on the cost of materials. After the agreement is completed, but before production of the part begins, ABC engineer Christine Carsten determines that a much less expensive metal alloy can be used while only slightly compromising the integrity of the part.

Case 7 2 joan holtz

The cost of a parcel of land includes the cost of grading Sorry, but full essay samples are available only for registered users Choose a Membership Plan or tearing down existing structures so as to make the land ready for its intended use.

Demolishing costs should be allocated to cost of land. When the old building is being demolished, the net book value of the building would be written off. Keep in mind that the construction costs and demolition costs are accounted for in the same way by either company.

On one hand, the cost of building the new building would be less costly to the single company, in comparison with Archer Company, because the costs are related to net book value, which is less than the price paid by Archer Company.

Archer Company will be paying more for the land and buildings because the items generate revenue. In addition, people generally would sell their business at a higher price than their book value, because of good will.

Can be capitalized to the machine because it is a part of installation costs. Can be expensed for tax-reduction purposes. The recommendation would be expensing the cost over operating expense. Doing so will allow you to reap some benefit of tax reduction.

If capitalizing is the path chosen, the depreciation of all the cost capitalized to the machinery, will lower net income significantly. However, they may want to expense as much as possible for tax purposes as mentioned in a.

Cost of sales tax on purchasing the machine can be capitalized, because costs of machinery includes the purchase price, sales tax, transportation costs to where the machinery is to be used, and installation costs. Similar to a and bthe objectivity that comes with these costs are to prepare the machine to provide future cash flow.

Again, it may be in their best interest to expense these costs for tax purposes. A small briefing on Research and Development, one of the many reasons why some items are expensed is because future revenue from the project is uncertain.

The equipment was built to produce products at 65 ppm quality. The larger issue would be customers purchasing products that do not meet the 65 ppm quality standard. As units are being sold, related costs need to match with revenue, and one of the costs in question is depreciation.

Case 7 2 joan holtz

To find the cost of depreciation, total cost of the fixed asset is a number that cannot be determined until all costs to have the equipment reach the required standard, have been accounted for. However, there are several methods to work around this problem.

There are two temporary alternatives that can be suggested to calculate the cost of the equipment. First, depreciation is calculated at a cost-to-date. Both methods require adjustments to current and previous period depreciation when quality is achieved and actual cost is known.

The two methods are both acceptable as they provide the nearest estimate to future cost of the equipment. Picking the right method is an arbitrary decision. Another concern is if the 65 ppm quality standard becomes unattainable.

This follows with adjusting the depreciation of current and previous periods. However, having a few skeptics expressing that the quality standard may not be achieved should have no effect on the financial statements, as they are just speculations.Card for Mary June Tim Holtz Wildflowers cut with paper I water colored and spritzed with gold.

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Joan Holtz CASE JOAN HOLTZ (A)* (1) Electric utility bills. An electric utility company can estimate with reasonable certainty the expected revenue in a given period by taking into consideration some of the following: customer habits, average historical trends, demand .

CASE Joan Holtz(C) Joan Holtz said to the accounting instructor,” The general principal for arriving at the amount of a fixed assets that is to be capitalized is reasonably clear, but there certainly are a great many problems in applying this principle to specific situation.

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