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Battle of kadesh essay writer

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Figure 1 - Battle of Kadesh: The massive amount of resources that conquest can gain is important to further expand the kingdom and hold greater power and prestige against other nations.

In the center of it all was a visionary leader who claims the destiny of a great land towards fortune by development or with insurmountable power, raise an army of thousands that will conquer lands and leave other nations wealth for the taking. A rivalry between whose the most powerful is inevitable among these nations, since the Assyrians rule the land in the eastern side of Egypt and the Hittites ruling the north eastern side, just above the Assyrians homeland.

It is also by several occasions that dispute has surface between the nations since territorial campaigns can happen at the same time and resources is shared only by smaller provincial boundaries.

Even though the campaign of their former king Mursilis I in Babylon was a complete success. Moreover it was in this time that they lost their territory in Anatolia and Syria.

By the turn of 15th century a restoration of the Hittite kingdom occurred under Telepinus which begun the two phases of restoration focusing on ending lawlessness and regulating royal succession.

He also tries to bring forth old prestige by reconquest of previously held Anatolian territories and a military and political expansion to the eastern and southern regions.

Several campaigns also strengthened the Hittite kingdom by conquering Mintani by king Thudaliyas I. Although the later successors had been weak in protecting the land, it was under Suppiluliumas that gain back Hittites hold and finally breaking forth unto Syria.

During those times, Akhenaten, the ruler of Egypt from BC was also expanding his territory. As the creation of the New kingdom arises the primary goals of the leaders were to take back its lost territories and widen its horizon.

Akhenaten who was known for his religious reforms, had also rallied a great campaign at Sudan. Nevertheless, the infiltration of Syria which is at the top most border of Egyptian territory by Suppiluliumas I, arouses old rivalry that was started in the former Palestinian campaign when both nation crossed and met in the Euphrates.

After the death of Tutankhamen his vizier then later on his general took over the throne. Horemheb focused on rebuilding the Egyptian army who was affected by the pestilence that swept the region.

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Around BC, a new Hittite empire is finally firmly established and good governance was widespread over its vassals, keeping good relations and a strong bond with other states.

Seti I Stela at Beit Shean By Muwatallis succeeded his father Mursilis II, and started ratifying treaties on his vassalage, extending his throne to the Lukka lands of the south and unto the Wilusa in the north.

battle of kadesh essay writer

Seti I on the other hand already set up a campaign in the Canaan to restore its hold of colonial administration and also to defeat the rebellion by King Hamath and Pahel in the town of Beth Shan Beit Shean. He even forged an army unto Kadesh and leave a stella of his victory in the Beit Shean grounds.

Although a standoff is unavoidable, a confrontation was dismissed as circumstances in the northern lands of the Hittite empire has gone awry as a result of the shift of capital from the north to the lower lands in the south.

In contrast to the internal discord of the Hittite empire, a new succession was done in Egypt, giving Ramsses II the throne, who is at that time a well known builder of his father, Seti I. As a result, Ammuru a former vassal of the Hittites, changed sides and its leader Bentisina send a letter to Muwattalis declaring his conversion of loyalty to the Egyptian empire.

Enraged with the betrayal of Bentisina, Muwattalis called upon his brother Hattusilis who had helped him secure the northern lands, and set up a plan to bring back Ammuru into their fold and capture the traitorous king Bentisina. The specific number of forces that were brought by Muwattalis is unknown but in several studies the range was 47, to 60, some were in chariots while others are on foot.

Furthermore the Hittite army was consisted of men from their vassals in Allepo, Kizwadna and other Hittite contingents from the Mintani and the northern region.

Battle of Kadesh | Summary |

Similarly, the Egyptian troops who had found out about the beleaguered Ammuru, prepared an army composed of 41, to 50, troops to help protect its new vassal. At the start of the campaign, the Egyptian army were divided into four subdivisions, all named from their gods.

As a tactical scouting measure, Ramesses positioned his Suteh division in Sumur and has given orders to rejoin the army at Kadesh after securing the port.The Battle of Kadesh, the greatest chariot clash in all recorded history - and the arche-type for maneuver warfare - pitted the war-hardened Hittites against a young, untested Pharaoh.

Battle of Kadesh Subject: Battle of Kadesh (Egyptian version versus Hittites version) (comparative and controversial essay) I) Introduction (half page). The Battle of Kadesh, today considered a draw for both sides, was the beginning of the end of hostilities between the two nations in that, eventually, the two kings came to realize neither could substantially gain advantage of the other and the best course to choose was the path of peace.

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More Essay Examples on War Rubric. Figure 1 - Battle of Kadesh: The Great War of Ancient Civilization Essay introduction. map of ancient egypt Green-egypt, yellow- Assyrians. purple- phoenicians In the ancient civilization, great kingdoms were known for their power, treasure and territories.

Battle of Kadesh Subject: Battle of Kadesh (Egyptian version versus Hittites version) (comparative and controversial essay) Whether you are writing an exam essay or a senior thesis, you need to have a thesis.

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