Barbing salon business plan in nigeria the outside wife

To some people, this venture is for the 3rd class citizens therefore, not a serious money making business. Are you one of those who assume that barbers are low income earners? You are very wrong!

Barbing salon business plan in nigeria the outside wife

In so doing, you can consider the number of youths, children, grown-up adults or the aged who may find the need to patronize your proposed business from time to time. Not only that, you also have to take a closer look on the returns and profits that you expect to generate from the proposed venture.

Usually, Fast Moving Consumer Goods commonly known as the FMCGs sells fast to majority of the population but at very low profit margins which sums up to a large lump of profits in totality.

Examples of such products includes sachet water, biscuits, chewing gums, pastries, Bread, noodles among others. On the contrary, products like vehicle tires, cars, land and houses sells at relatively low rates but at a very high profit margins.

Also, rendition of services is considered to be the most profitable of all business models because you spend less resources or even nothing in the rendition if your services as all service costs will be covered by the price which your client will agree to pay.

It is obviously a service-based venture and requires a little amount of money for the initial set up stage after which the money and returns will keep on flowing into your pockets at very minimal operating costs.

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The part of the population in respect to Nigeria that needs this service is the male gender proportion. Everyday, millions of people get hair cuts from barbing saloons operating all over the country. Guys in the real sense like looking cute for themselves as well as for their wives and female friends.

That is why they barb their hair, shave their beards and also do the carving regularly so as to remain fresh looking for their crushes. In Nigeria, the money you will make barbing one person alone ranges from a minimum of N to as high as N5, and even more.

It all depends on the location of the business, quality of the barbing service as well as the packaging of the appearance and physical looks of the barbing saloon in question. This shows you that if you can barb an estimate 50 persons in a day, your daily returns will surely range from N10, to N, and even more.

Now, check what the income will be in a month and tell me who has vowed that you can never be a millionaire under one month. This is not an exaggeration please.

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We are into a serious business discussion here. Business is our business! I am not saying that you should wait until you have the money to start it on a large scale basis. Start first with what you have and expand your business further as money flows into your hands.

At a point, you can even employ barbers and apprentices in your business when you must have grown and taken it to a greater level.

Some of the materials and items you will need to start a barbing saloon includes a generator, clippers, wall mirrors, chairs, cushions and furnitures, waste bins, floor tiles, rugs or carpets, standing fans, televisions, DVD players and lots more. Please cut your coat according to your clothe.

You may not have the money to afford all these at a time but just buy the most relevant ones. Get a full list of the items needed to start a successful barbing saloon from an experienced barber operating in your street, neighbourhood or nearby location and work your way into the business.

Believe in yourself, work hard towards achieving your dreams and ambitions, pray, do good and you will surely make lots of money doing whatever you choose to do in a bid to earn your living!Planning And Forecasting In Business Organization.

Planning And Forecasting In Business Organization – Andreas Faludi states that “Planning and Forecasting is the Queen Mother function of management (organization) and that if planning and forecasting fail what/who will you direct, control, budget, staff, co-ordinate or organize rather than failure and shame”.

Posted by Paul Onwueme at PM Labels: Nigerian Business Plans barbing salon business nigeria, Barbing salon business plan nigeria Barbing salons are everywhere you have men, meaning they are practically suited for every environment.

Planning And Forecasting In Business Organization

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omeh barbing saloon biz is a good biz but not in nigeria. 1, the barbers are frustrating the biz and customers are not encouraging too. 2, i run an international barbing saloon and i run on weekly returned.

Where a person supply tools, material or ammunition used for the commission of crime, such is seen in law as aiding and abetting crime, such a supplier is liable to conviction. Barbing salon business plan in Nigeria – The Hair barbing salon business remains one of the rapidly growing industries in Nigeria today.

To some people, this venture is for the 3 rd class citizens therefore, not a serious money making business.

barbing salon business plan in nigeria the outside wife
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