An in depth analysis of steedmans exiles

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An in depth analysis of steedmans exiles

The Middle East Olivia Manning: Elspeth Huxleys Africa Island Strangers: Phyllis Shand Allfrey and Phyllis Bottome Conclusion 70 Notes References Index v Ac k nowle dg m e nt s This book grew out of my earlier studies of British women writers of World War II and the collegiality with other women scholars so committed to bringing attention to their remarkably intrepid lives and writing.

There are many conference organizers and An in depth analysis of steedmans exiles to thank for their responses to this work, including Fredric Regard, whose conference on British biography and autobiography provided my work on Elspeth Huxley with thoughtful and critical feedback, as did audiences at the City College of New York and the Graduate Center.

The Space Between Society must be singled out for the dedication of its members to the study of culture and literature from throughwhich has been crucial for sustaining interest in neglected British women writers.

I am also grateful to Marilyn Hoder-Salmon for her research on Phyllis Bottome, research that led to the discovery of five suitcases of her papers, and for the generous hospitality of Frederica Freer, in whose home I could read of Bottomes courage in her own words.

I must add to this tribute Anne Summers, who recognized the significance of Bottomes papers and approved their purchase for the British Library. With the unwavering support of Bob Gundlach, Northwestern University has generously contributed to my ability to write this book with a sabbatical, as university research grant, and a Hewlett grant to develop my course, Colonialism, Race, and Gender Relations.

An in depth analysis of steedmans exiles

Students have challenged me with their questions and insights. I wish to express appreciation to the following for their help in gaining permissions to reprint previously published materials: Leslie Mitchners suggestions for the shape of this book were nothing short of inspirational, including the integration of film versions of several novels.

As always, there is Jacob Lassner, whose patience with colonial stories and postcolonial theories represents only the latest chapter in a saga of unfathomable support and companionship.

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Although the British Empire was just about bankrupt by the end of World War II and had surrendered most of its colonies by the s, it wasnt untiland with as much regret as flourish, that Britain finally yielded Hong Kong, its last Crown Colony. This long dur and the momentous events that defined it produced a literature by British women writers that represents an indispensable if neglected bridge between the colonial and postcolonial eras and discourses.

Forsters skeptical but symbolically hopeful colonial critique, A Passage to IndiaBritish women produced a saga of imperial self-delusion that confronts their own critical positions.

In novels and memoirs that mock, castigate, and grieve the ravages of colonialism, these women show how imperial self-deceit repressed the violence that would lead to the end of Empire. From the s, as Britains power was threatened by the rise of fascism, these women witnessed and recounted the failure of Britain to recognize the malignity inherent in all imperial ideologies, policies, and practices.

From their divergent but overlapping positions as settlers, exiles, and anticolonial activists, these women confronted not only how imperialism was self-destructive, but how its ideology of racial supremacy could be transformed into a threat not to Britains global power alone, but to humankind itself.

This literature remains captivating and challenging today when empire as an idea and as a practice still rules as the force many consider responsible for the fate of postcolonial nations and peoples.

As I write this, we are hearing calls for the assumption of new imperial burdens. In other respects, empire makes itself felt as it has mutated into neocolonialism, globalization, and cultural imperialism.

The British women who wrote the end of Empire interrogate its hold on our critical and creative imaginations. In its most approachable form, empire grips the imaginations of widely divergent audiences.

From the s through today, there is no end to the 1 2 C olon i al St rang e r s spate of TV miniseries and feature films based on colonial memoirs, such as Elspeth Huxleys The Flame Trees of Thika, on serious novels, like Ruth Prawer Jhabvallas Heat and Dust, and on popular romance fiction, such as M.

Kayes The Far Pavilions. Most recently, the sixth remake of A. Masons colonial epic, The Four Feathers, has played to full movie houses. Even postcolonial Bollywood cant let go of the Empire; witness the hugely successful film Lagaan, which narrates the defeat of the British in India as a cricket match, and in which impoverished and exploited Indian villagers are instructed by a rebelliously sympathetic young English woman.

Whether this panoply of colonial and anticolonial intrigue should be seen as a sign of nostalgia for the Raj, as a critical sigh of relief for the official end of Empire, as a crisis of Western cultural confidence, or as representing ongoing tensions between East and West is still a subject of heated debates.

These very efforts, however, endow that oppressive past with power over the present, especially as an oppressive colonialism is found to infect postcolonial polities and literature even today. In agreement with Cooper and Stoler, British women writers not only bear witness to colonialisms complex relations and consequences, but also narrate actions and arguments to expedite its end.

InOlivia Manning published The Rain Forest, a searing satire of British functionaries clinging to their colonial protocols in a seedy boarding house. While they shuffle their irrelevant papers and their wives compete for imperial status at the bridge table, the natives blow them all up.

Like Manning, other British women writers opposed those progressive social scientists of the s who may have recognized that colonial rule in Africa or Asia was morally unacceptable but who were also more committed to modernization than to dispatching colonialism to the past Cooper and Stoler Writers like Manning, Phyllis Bottome, Rumer Godden, and Elspeth Huxley unsettle this imperial timeline by confronting the abusive marriage of modernitys new technological violence and imperialist oppression with the urgent need for all empires to end.

And so they challenge the generalized view that an imperial outlook had been an integral feature of British public life for generations Ward4.

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Individually and collectively, these writers unsettle the political and imaginative power that is still awarded to colonialism today. In writing careers that extend from the s through the s, headlong into the postcolonial experience, many British women writers challenge assumptions about bound- Introduction 3 aries between colonial and postcolonial writing.

Including Phyllis Shand Allfrey, Muriel Spark, and Ethel Mannin, these writers show how the inconsistent and contradictory policies of the British Empire foretell its end and aftermaths.

In Mandatory Palestine, for example, British promises to support both Arab nationalism and Zionism produced no resolution except an embarrassed British withdrawal. In their novels, memoirs, and reportage, we find racial and cultural entanglements growing out of the historical crises of the s and s, crises which blurred the boundaries of colonial identity and power and created new insights about anticolonial movements, world war, and postcolonial nationhood.

We discover that the identities and politics of British sojourners in Palestine, settlers in Kenya, and colonizers in India are intertwined with those of colonized and resisting peoples, but not only within British imperial politics.Edited by Aad Blok, Jan Lucassen and Huub Sanders A Usable Collection Essays in Honour of Jaap Kloosterman on Collecting Social History A Usable Collection Established in.

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