A critical look at lewsi smiths

By Lake Lewis Jr May 21, 9:

A critical look at lewsi smiths

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Andrieu, an assistant district attorney in New Orleans, as her argument lay all about her, in shambles. It is a heavy burden for a lawyer from that oft-criticized office to mount any defense of its prosecutions, but Andrieu repeatedly found ways to botch virtually every point as she argued Smith v.

The case is the second before the Court in the past year to raise deep questions about the way the Orleans Parish office has prosecuted criminal cases, over a good many years. Marylandto turn over evidence that could help lawyers defend their clients.

One might have some sympathy for the task facing Andrieu, not only because of that history, but also because the argument that unfolded before she even got up to speak was disciplined, legally and factually, and offered the Court a vivid portrayal of exactly the problem that these cases pose.

Shanmugam, a talented advocate with a good command of even the finest detail of the evidence, had found a totally receptive Court. He faced only a handful of tough questions.

With the constitutional principles of the Brady precedent clear, the Court was attentive to even the nuances of the evidence in the prosecution of Juan Smith for five murders in New Orleans in Unbeknownst to the defense, however, that eyewitness had told the police on multiple occasions that he could not identify any of the perpetrators or as he put it, that he would not know them if he saw them.

That key witness, a man named Larry Boatner, who was injured in the assault that left five others dead in a house in New Orleans, confidently identified Smith as a killer at the trial.

A critical look at lewsi smiths

The defense surely would have countered that, Shanmugam said, if it had known what he had said repeatedly to police before he took the stand. Assistant prosecutor Andrieu then took her turn, choosing to begin by trying to rehabilitate Larry Boatner as a witness.

She insisted there was more. Andrieu conceded to Justice Samuel A. But she said that, under Louisiana law, the defense has no right to such statements.

Justice Kennedy asked her, point-blank, whether the prosecutors had ever conceded in the case that they had committed a violation of the Brady requirement. As her argument was winding down, Justice Elena Kagan leaned forward and asked: Andrieu, did your office ever consider just confessing error in this case?

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We took cert a while ago. At that point, it seemed that nothing more could embarrass the New Orleans prosecutor. It is disconcerting to me that when I asked you the question directly should this material have been turned over, you gave an absolute no. But Sotomayor pressed on: It should have been turned over.

I guess what I was addressing or attempting to address was the materiality prong of Brady.Booking is now open for a free conference – ‘A Second LIFE for Critical Raw Materials’ – in London on 20 February Delegates will learn about the CRM Recovery project’s collaborative collection and recovery trials across the UK, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic.

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Judge Kathryn Villa-Smith Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Kathryn Villa-Smith Judge Villa-Smith was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she was one of six children.

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