A comparison of classic and contemporary

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A comparison of classic and contemporary

This understanding leads to more aesthetic response rather than emotion to pretty art. There is a deeper level in the art that not everyone can relate to.

Exposure, understanding, and concepts all contribute to appreciating contemporary art. Contemporary art needs to be understood, simply looking and admiring will not suffice. Someone who does not understand the need to please the aesthetic emotion does not understand contemporary art, and will look only for beauty in classical art.

Certain audiences relate to classical art better, and find it more appealing, while contemporary art arouses aesthetic emotion better with artistic minds. Classic art is relatable, containing beautiful elements that please the eye, making the aesthetic response much easier to grasp.

Viewers feel a connection to the beauty and release an aesthetic response that is positive and happy. Conversely, classical art has a function: Art once expressed the beauty of world and life, which could not be captured on camera, and now the need for that no longer exists.

Lots of classic art is revered because there is not as much interpretation necessary. It may now be less figurative, less lucidly realistic. But it is still assumed that a work of art is its content… a work of art by definition says something.

I do not say that art means nothing or little to them; I say they miss its full significance. Because of this, modern art is more deep and complicated and the audience that grasps this new art is limited.

Yes, that art may get a response from a broad audience, but it might be confusion or disgust, and the audience may not fully understand the concept or aesthetic emotion that is supposed to be felt. It would be difficult to replicate the necessarily response by a non-artist. Those who make contemporary art are not necessarily making it for a universal audience.

The works may only appeal to a limited, educated artist or collectors and not care if their work is widely accepted. Artists who are cultured in modern and contemporary art are introduced to the absurdity of contemporary artists, given a better understanding of concepts and artistically thinking.

Van Gogh is still my favorite artist, but I have learned to accept other forms of art in different mediums like never before. I believe that art should make one question and think, while having an enjoyable aesthetic affect on the viewer.

Comparison between Classical Theory and Modern Theory of International Trade

And if I expect a disclosure of being, I am prepared at the same time for the eventuality of a disclosure of a non-being. The protagonists Vladimir and Estragon from Waiting for Godot remind me of people who refuse to accept contemporary art, representing uneducated audiences of art everywhere.

They refused to change at all, much like those who refuse to accept new art. Duchamp seemed much before his time; the work was very revolutionary and strange.

An early contemporary thinker, he wished to make art focuses on the intellectual response and interpretation that comes when viewing the work, rather than the craftsmanship of the work itself. His piece is much more accepted now than it was when he first created it, when it was rejected from a guaranteed admittance art gallery.

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Only a limited, educated audience could appreciate this piece and consider it art. The Fountain, Marcel Duchamp, With introduction new concepts and mediums, the definition of art has expanded and transformed.) The differences between traditional architecture and modern architecture , and why ancient architecture had many beautiful buildings.

Part 4 (Para) Examples of famous architects and great buildings that take examples from nature. The modern "vernacular literacy" that was defined by career-oriented and practical writing skills was replacing the traditional "classical literacy" that had been connected to the gentlemanly study of the great books for social and personal fulfillment.

Comparison of Jazz and Classical Music. Jazz vs. Classical Music Upon entering a modern record store, one is confronted with a wide variety of choices in recorded music. Jul 02,  · The density differential was significantly lower in the classical Cremonese violins as compared to the modern violins both in the top and back plate (p = and , respectively), meaning that the densities of early and late growth wood were closer together, in the classical violins.

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A comparison of classic and contemporary

Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to offer a fit comparison. A Comparison of Wood Density between Classical Cremonese and Modern Violins Berend C. Stoel1*, Terry M. Borman2 1Department of Radiology, Division of Image Processing, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands, 2Borman Violins, Fayetteville, Arkansas, United.

Classic vs. Modern: Fairy Tales – arts, ink.